How I make the best use of my time.

Gerard Way in his home office, thinking thoughts about comics and music. The critical part of all of this is, really, to make use of the time you do have. It’s always changing, so you have to be adaptable. For me, I know making the best use of my time to write is to get… Continue reading How I make the best use of my time.

How I recognize and eliminate distractions.

What my desk typically looks like when I'm in a deep work block. This means that in my Deep Work block these are the only things I can do:  After my morning routine, in which I capture, decide, and organize my day I start a Deep Work Block on whatever I’ve identified as the most… Continue reading How I recognize and eliminate distractions.

Why writers are public intellectuals.

Warren Ellis writes about Umberto Eco as public intellectual, and compares Italy under Berlusconi to what sounds like the America we’re in right now. Ellis writes: “Pure reportage [is] conscious people telling you where they think we are and what they think it looks like.”Like Ta-Nehisi Coates, etc. Lots of great writers. Doing a highly… Continue reading Why writers are public intellectuals.

NOT DEPRESSED for Memorial Day Weekend.

From my last newsletter: I just finished reading Appreciative Advising by Jennifer Bloom, Bryan Hutson, and Ye He. I’ve had it for a few months now, ever since going to the Bloomington Academic Advisors Council Spring Conference because I’m very interested in taking my education career in this direction. That said, this week has been super-interesting… Continue reading NOT DEPRESSED for Memorial Day Weekend.