What I learned from watching Spider-Man Homecoming.

(Notes from my notebook on Spider-Man Homecoming.) When I watch something, I don’t just sit there passively taking on the entertainment—unless I’m in the movie theater. Using this post as a guideline, I use this to outline the beats of a movie, book, or comic book. So when I recently re-watched Spider-Man Homecoming, I decided… Continue reading What I learned from watching Spider-Man Homecoming.

Timeline #2: High School & College.

[Continued from this post].  When I make a decision about something, I push forward with full effort. I rarely change my mind. I’m the same way about choosing beer and food, so when I make a decision I stick with it. By the end of my sophomore year of high school, I was interning with… Continue reading Timeline #2: High School & College.

What is an Adirondack Writer?

Writers are habit beasts. We stick to what we know. When I was teaching creative writing at Paul Smith’s College, I asked this question: what does it mean to be an Adirondack Writer? You know Daniel Woodrell is identified as an Ozarks writer. Louise Penny—all of her work takes place in Ontario. Benjamin Percy writes… Continue reading What is an Adirondack Writer?