10 Things I Learned in The Last 10 Years

After seeing Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Photo by Jordan Craig. August 15, 2010. 2010: A big year for me. Interned at Marvel Comics where I learned that trying so hard to get somewhere means not getting anywhere. Also, having my first Aspergers moment in memory where I criticize a Marvel writer’s grammar issues in… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned in The Last 10 Years

19 Lessons I Learned From 2019. (Plus one for the New Year.)

My diagnosis of ADD, High Functioning Autism (Aspergers), Depression and Anxiety. I learned that these symptoms are representations of what Steven Pressfield calls Resistance in the War of Art. But really it’s all just an addiction to pain, shame, pessimism, isolation, and no creative or productive outlet. Weston and Shadow King is resistance and Great… Continue reading 19 Lessons I Learned From 2019. (Plus one for the New Year.)

Timeline #2: High School & College.

[Continued from this post].  When I make a decision about something, I push forward with full effort. I rarely change my mind. I’m the same way about choosing beer and food, so when I make a decision I stick with it. By the end of my sophomore year of high school, I was interning with… Continue reading Timeline #2: High School & College.