Where do ideas come from?

People often ask writers where their ideas come from and usually the answer comes in many ways that you never expected. Everyone’s mileage might vary, but when I’m looking for ideas, they never show up. Usually, it happens when I’m bored out of my mind.  Take, for example, Catholic School in Connecticut in ninth grade. My… Continue reading Where do ideas come from?

Five Things I Learned from Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me

In my year-end newsletter, I talked about how much I loved Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me– his collection of essays on writing fiction. Percy is the author of Red Moon and the recent Dark Net as well as the writer behind Green Arrow and Teen Titans and a recent run on James Bond. I finally managed… Continue reading Five Things I Learned from Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me

Ken Follett and Life’s 3 Acts.

What are you looking to achieve? That seems to plague us more and more every day with so many productivity gurus getting us down to inbox zero.How about inbox none? Most things on the Internet are shallow. Like email. I never check it more than twice a day. I don’t even post anything on my… Continue reading Ken Follett and Life’s 3 Acts.

Previously on…

Today’s message from Noah Hawley (author of Before The Fall and creator and showrunner of Fargo and Legion): “I try to build the work around my life as opposed to my life around the work.” I have it taped inside the first volume of 2018′s daybooks, because that’s what I’m shooting for this year.davidpress.net:I gave up… Continue reading Previously on…

What I’m Doing Now: Why I’m off Social Media.

You may have noticed that I’ve deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts and I’m no longer updating my blog or Instagram. Recently, I read Cal Newport’s Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You, and I realized that social media and my blog does not really help me work on anything that I value. If anything, they take me… Continue reading What I’m Doing Now: Why I’m off Social Media.