On having and using notebooks.

Last week, Austin Kleon wrote about how he uses his notebooks and why he uses them. This caused me to think about how I use my notebooks in my newsletter. Here’s a little more detail into how I use my two journals, and a document on my desktop. Scrapbook: I have some small pocket notebooks,… Continue reading On having and using notebooks.

How I write Comics.

I use my Instagram as a process diary, so it’s filled with photos of what I’m reading and photos of my notebooks and boring shit like that. But this weekend, I thought about posting my current process–for personal posterity reasons–for writing a recent Thought Balloons script. The prompt was in celebration of “home” and celebrated… Continue reading How I write Comics.

How I Do It [or “Soule Work” for my students].

Paraphrased and adapted from this post by Charles Soule. DECIDE on what you can do today and do it. I practice this by meditating for ten minutes before I start my day–before a shower sometimes. I focus on my breath, while letting my mind run through all that I have to accomplish that day. Then… Continue reading How I Do It [or “Soule Work” for my students].