Photo by Ashley Athey

I live with my family in Bloomington, Indiana. We recently relocated from the Adirondack Park in New York. I used to teach composition, comics, creative writing, and film at Paul Smith’s College.

I’ve been obsessed with writing comics since I was thirteen-years-old starting with Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s run on The Flash. For years, I’ve called myself a “nerd-lit writer” because I enjoy writing serialized stories told visually with lots of hyperbolic dialogue in funny shaped balloons. In April 2017, I co-wrote a climate change short comic called Walden: The Graphic Novel with climate change luminary Dr. Curt Stager. It was illustrated by Emilyann Cummings and currently Curt and I are working on scripting the other two chapters of the book. 

I have a Master’s Degree in English from Brooklyn College and a B.A. in journalism from St. Bonaventure University. Here’s a full CV if you’re interested in more of my work. 

Where You Can Find Me

  1. I update this website every season with short essays about what I learned from my writing life.
  2. You can read my graduate thesis: All-Star Grant Morrison: How Giovanni Pico della Mirandola changed Twenty-First Century Comics
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  4. Here’s what I’m up to right now.