Current Status for Summer 2020.

The Scarlet Oak Woods

Happy summer everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Staying healthy and staying employed.

We made it through this season with without getting sick and our employment staying mostly in tact. There are changes coming on that front but we’re not on the unemployment line and we’re all healthy.

I’m writing this from Michigan. Where we hope to spend portions of this summer visiting family because who knows when we might see them again in 2020. Especially considering this crisis and its persistence.

Over the course of the spring I’ve written four chapters of the memoir and have a complete outline of the novel, and I’m working hard on keeping the fire hot on the novel while I work on the manuscript of the memoir. I’m doing that through research of the various legal procedural aspects of the novel because it is a crime novel.

How was your spring? Anything good happen during this time?

We’ve been hiking a lot and that has brought us a lot of serenity and peace.

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