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Within a few years, everything changed again, and those names were replaced with Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison and Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld and it goes on and on — people move on, they keep looking for what’s next. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s the nature of life. It’s the nature of our business. And in all honesty, it’s one of our greatest strengths. And I don’t mean “our” as in Image, but “our” as in our industry. While Hollywood is busy with remakes and sequels, and the music industry is busy remixing and remastering, we’re doing what’s next. And if I can narrow the focus of that all-encompassing “our” just a little bit, so that it’s pointing a bit more directly at Image Comics, I have to say, I think we do “what’s next” better than anyone else.

Eric Stephenson in his speech at the ComicsPro Retailers Meeting. 

I like this guy a lot. I make that clear quite a bit, he’s one of the main reasons I mostly read independent comics. People like Stephenson, Waid, and Monkeybrain Comics are people I respect and look up to in comics today.

I’m down to four Marvel and DC books mostly because they are simply not what I’m interested in reading anymore. I read Hawkeye, I try to read Captain Marvel because I like Kelly Sue and Chris, but Dexter Soy’s art is tough for me to put in my eyeballs, and I read Batman and Wonder Woman. I can say those things because I simply do not care to put time or energy into thinking I’d like to write those characters. Seven years ago I might have said writing The Flash would be a dream come true for me, but that’s a dream for my thirteen year-old self. I don’t care. As I’ve grown older I find myself more interested in moving forward and doing my thing rather than being a cog in the system, an assistant to someone, and educating people with comics and books and how they can help us become better, more imaginative people. I’m not sure if we can say most of those books at Marvel and DC can do those things. Some can, some are very good, but most are not. The people who work on them are good people, but I don’t need to give a shit about those characters or those companies or some of those creators whose aesthetic I do not consider good. Nothing against any of them.

I’ve heard critics say that the only people who read Image Comics and like Image Comics are people who want to create for Image. I’m definitely guilty of that, but yes, I find this speech good and honest and true to what I care about.