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Things that need doing between now and June 4.

June 4 being the official date I leave the city. Rachel inspired this post.

  • Final revisions on my thesis. (I’m on my fourth draft since my first turn-in)
  • Organize bedding, food, and other incidentals for the Student Competition for the Lake Placid Film Forum
  • A course description for a Graphic Novel introductory class
  • At least 32 pages of comic script
  • Do all of my coursework for the semester (a syllabus, a journal, and composition teacher portfolio)
  • The last bullet will be done by this time next week 
  • See A Cabin In The Woods (Friday)
  • Figure out a way to save a movie theater
  • We are not starving but we are hungry
  • Announce going-away party
  • Head bang