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Anime Doctor Who.  Am I the only one who is more than a little bit weirded out by this?

[via io9.]


I hate BBC for doing this, but it’s a three minute clip from the new Doctor Who special “The End of Time part 1”!

I cannot wait for this, just an awesome intro.

U.S. Air Date Set for David Tennant’s Final ‘Dr. Who’ Special →

BC AMERICA today announced the U.S. premiere of David Tennant’s final special as the Tenth Doctor. Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two, premieres January 2, one week after Part One, on BBC AMERICA. The finale to the era of David Tennant is one of the most eagerly anticipated adventures in the history of Doctor Who. Guest stars include John Simm (Life on Mars) as the Master, Timothy Dalton, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

This schedule means that Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars will air on Saturday, December 19th (9PM ET/PT), Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One will air on December 26th (9PM ET/PT), andPart Two will air on January 2 (8PM ET/PT).

Looks like I’m going to have to get BBC America finally just so I can get these specials.  And I must see these.

I don’t think I’ve said enough that the best Christmas present I can get is Doctor Who: The End of Time.


Matt Smith As DOCTOR WHO - The Trailer!

I cannot wait. Seriously, though, I get the shakes when I think about new Doctor Who stuff.

Doctor Who New Series Writers Announced. →

A shame Neil Gaiman and Paul Cornell aren’t a part of this new series but the fact that that Moffat is writing nearly half the episode order is enough to make me happy.

Speaking of: I’m currently watching Moffat’s early series Coupling which stars FlashForward's Jack Davenport. It's quite funny, like the British version of Friends but not for twelve year-olds. Actually: I can see quite a bit of How I Met Your Mother in it.

[via Ian Brill].

How to write Television, The Russell T. Davies way. →

Apparently the former Doctor Who show runner has a new book out where he discusses writing the final chapters of his run on the show.

The Writers Tale: The Final Chapter, a new collection of Davies’ email discussions with a journalist about the revived Who, comes out in a couple days. But a lot of the juiciest bits are coming out now. Including a passage where Davies talks about the fact that in his stories, major plot developments seem to come out of nowhere. Rewatching “The Sound Of Drums,” Davies ponders the fact that the TARDIS becomes a Paradox Machine, we learn of the Archangel Network, and so on, with no advance notice or foreshadowing. And he says this is deliberate, in an excerpt posted by SFX Magazine:

I woke up this morning with very little sleep, got motivated to do some laundry, and before any of that happened I was distracted by this glorious bit of nerdiness:  The new Doctor Who trailer.  So, sorry, yeah. Really time to try the laundry.

Day 03: Your favorite television program

Shit.  I think this may be one of those terrible ones.  I mean it’s tough to say: The Flash TV show with Dawson’s dad was a childhood favorite, Buffy and X-Files in high school, The West Wing and Sopranos a college favorite, and then The Wire.  But my favorite? Shit. I have no idea. I can’t decide.

Okay I know.  Doctor Who.  That is one show from age 11 to age 29 that I have consistently loved across the board.  The crazy adventure mixed with the sensitive nature of the characters has always been something I’ve loved.  Mixed in with some good old creepy science fiction and time travel has always twixed me in the right way.

New Doctor Who trailer. I think it is very easy to say that I will have a total meltdown waiting between now and when the new series premieres.