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One of the most interesting clarifications of Robin’s thesis was the centrality of the romantic impulse in conservatism. Indeed, it seemed, after our discussions, that the romantic impulse is perhaps even more central than the reactionary, counter-revolutionary component of conservatism; it certainly explains conservative fascination with war, the attraction it presents to ‘outsiders,’ its glorification of strength and individual striving.

Samir Chopra on our Faculty Study Group’s discussion with Corey Robin on his book The Reactionary Mind, quoted over at the wolfeinstitute's blog.

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Glenn Greenwald on Civil Liberties and Their Willing Surrender


Today, at Brooklyn College, Glenn Greenwalddelivered the 39th Samuel J. Konefsky Memorial Lecture. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed watching this top-notch muckraker and gadfly in action. I have often seen Greenwald speak on…

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Very much worth a read. Wish I was there.