I write about nerdy things, and celebrate those things as a college writing teacher.
As an adolescent I wrote comic books, because I read lots of them, and fantasy novels set in Malaysia and Central Africa. I was a perfectionist and wanted to make them look as though they had been printed, so I wrote them in capital letters and made up title pages, summaries, illustrations. It was so tiring that I never finished any of them. I was at that time a great writer of unaccomplished masterpieces.

Umberto Eco in the Paris Review. I’ve never read anything of his, but I have The Prague Cemetery on my Overdrive queue so I’ll get to it.

Where should I start with Eco?

  1. chels said: Oh god, start anywhere! Just start! (Though The Name of the Rose is a great intro. And though I remember Foucault’s Pendulum being pretty dense for my undergraduate brain, I also remember liking it.)
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