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Thoughts on the puns in KING CITY by Brandon Graham.

This is probably my favorite book I read this year. The powers, the puns, and the scale. There is just nothing not perfect about this book.

There isn’t a single line of dialogue or sentence that is not poetry, which is a concept I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately. Meaghano in her post on Chris Ware’s book BUILDING STORIES, and Ed Brubaker on the Nerdist Writer’s Podcast talk about dialogue in comics being like poetry—there is a lot that needs to get done in a balloon and it has to be said very minimally. That the speech is not real speech, and there is not a single line of dialogue in King City that doesn’t immediately put you in that world as well as make you giggle like a school kid. 

Oh also: Happy Birthday to Brendan.

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