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From the ACTION COMICS #13 backup by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker.

I’d like to take a second and talk about Sholly Fisch and his work on Action Comics. Originally, I felt a requirement  to buy the book immediately because of the last two years of my life. I stuck around not because I really love the idea of my kids being able to have the first sixteen issues of Grant Morrison Action Comics, but because Fisch installs the unforgettable quality to the series, and I would like them to have it.

Yes, you come to the book for Morrison, but you stay for Fisch, and the reason for this is heart. Morrison gets the idea that Superman believes that the impossible is necessary and anyone can overcome anything. That there is always a way and to never give up. He preaches that every issue and it is glorious and I never grow tired of that positivity. Meanwhile, what Fisch does is the other side of the coin—the human side, the mortality that resides in this character; the heart really. The pages above from the backup in Action Comics #13, featuring Krypto’s story, is so right on about a dog that after immediately reading it I thought about my old dogs. Alex and Silver. Silver, like Krypto, is a huskie, and I pretty much had all of the feelings.

In the recent backup with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Fisch did it again by showing the human side of Superman witnessing the death of where he’s from.

There is something very special happening in Action Comics and that is because of Fisch, and I think the fact that he’s still doing backups is great but more than that I would be willing to sacrifice them if it means he gets a primetime ongoing series because his level of character work is the best in superhero comics right now.   

  1. twiststreet said: I think Fisch did an all-the-different-versions-of-Robin issue of whatever the comic version of the kid cartoon version of Batman is called (Batman Adventures?), that I got on a lark. Clever. Might be of interest to you, if my memory’s true.
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