I write about nerdy things, and celebrate those things as a college writing teacher.
Carefully nurture your career. Know what you want to do with your gifts and your training and go after it, but don’t be afraid to take a detour or two, or three. And know your profession, know how it works, what’s happening in it, who’s happening in it. Be savvy, too–savvy enough to know that once you start putting your work out into the world, you will be categorized immediately as a cartoonist who makes that kind of comics. And be savvy enough to know that there will be a price you’ll pay, often a steep one, if you suddenly surprise that world by doing another kind of comics. Follow up your exquisitely nuanced childhood memoir with a run on “Dial H for Hero,” or vice versa, and you’re going to be kicked right in the blogosphere. Don’t be naive; you can’t afford it.
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