I write about nerdy things, and celebrate those things as a college writing teacher.

About Dave.

Photo by Jordan Craig.

Hi, welcome to my notebook. If you’d like take this as a kind of “official biography” written in third person (sorry). 

Dave was born in New York City, and lived in New Jersey until he was eleven when his family moved to Connecticut. They lived there until 2002, when they decided to move to the family summer house in Lake Placid, NY. He was one of those summer people. At that point David just finished his junior year at St. Bonaventure University, where he was majoring in Journalism. That summer he jumped ship and went off to England, where there was too much fun to relate here.

Following graduation in May 2003, David spent a year in a Void-like state that he barely remembers but believes was in the general vicinity of Lake Placid. He eventually got his act together and moved to New York City where he worked as a graveyard shift copy editor while later contributing to comic book news websites like  MTV’s Splash Page and Comic Book Resources.com. He’s had a blog of some form since he moved to the city in places like Blogger, LiveJournal (egad!), WordPress, but he finally settled on Tumblr in early 2008. It’s probably the longest relationship he’s ever had.

While he was working on his Masters in English at Brooklyn College, he interned at Marvel Comics during the Spring 2010 semester, fulfilling (part) of a lifelong dream.

He moved back to Lake Placid in June 2012 to help build a production company called ADK MOGUL with his friend, the novelist Tim Brearton. They have just released their first short film called The Deal, and have begun work on a documentary called The Shared Experience.

Dave is currently teaching English Composition at Paul Smith’s College and North Country Community College, while working on a young adult fantasy novel. Excerpts from his first novel, Worthy’s Cause can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’m sorry for writing in the third person. It makes me want to poke my eyes out too. Feel free to contact me whenever you’d like at: davidmpressatgmaildotcom. I love hearing from readers.